Award Show

The digits of 2009 visualized as a hybrid ice-cream cone shape became the iconic design of the Helmhaus Zurich award show for emerging Swiss artists.

The idea was to express the meaning of an award show from public funded grants for the Swiss young artists, who in reality have to struggle every day for reputation in the merciless art market system, for new promising projects and meaningful work, and for surviving in a high living-cost environment such as the area of Zurich. The fluorescent colours of the digits are fading under direct sunlight, a metaphor for both melting ice-cream and the long-term meaning of such funds and awards for emerging artists.

The poster and invitation card were printed in six fluorescent offset colours. Due to their poor lightfastness, the ice-cream cones in the posters disappeared gradually under sunlight exposure.

Helmhaus Zurich, 2009, poster, invitation card, cinema advertising, outdoor banner

mm_helmhaus_poster blue 001