Marco Müller is a Zurich-based multidisciplinary designer working across the fields of brands, culture, and self-initiated projects. His projects have been awarded at “The Most Beautiful Swiss Books”, “Best Book Design from all over the World” and the “European Design Awards”. Additionally he has many years experience working with design agencies ranging from consumer goods to luxury products. With a strong emphasis on printed matters and artist’s books, his design also incorporates outcomes such as visual identities, image campaigns, apps, and websites.

Marco Müller is a founding member of, an open source web application that allows easily generating and customizing metafonts within given parameters. Furthermore, he has co-edited two books: “Zero Tolerance” with Nicolas Souvinos, published by Kodoji Press and “8957 Spreitenbach” together with Mirjam Fischer, Goran Galic and Anna Miller, published by Elster & Salis.

2008–2017 he has been a visiting professor at F+F Schule für Kunst und Design in Zurich. Now and then he has been invited for talks and guest lectures at design schools, cultural institutions and art galleries in Switzerland and abroad.

Publications and media

  • 28th International Biennial Brno, 2018
  • Typographic Design: Form and Communication, 7th edition, John Wiley & Sons, 2017
  • IdN Magazine – Editorial Design, Hong Kong, 2017
  • Yearbook of Type I, Niggli Verlag, Sulgen, 2013
  • Fully Booked: Ink on Paper, Gestalten Verlag, Berlin, 2013
  • Slanted Magazine #19 – Super-Families, MAGMA Brand Design, Karlsruhe, 2012
  • Monozukuri, Formes d’Impression, Chaumont, France, 2011
  • Graphic – Work & Run: Young Studios, Propaganda Press, Seoul, 2010
  • Regular – Graphic Design Today, Gestalten Verlag, Berlin, 2009
  • Type Specific – Designing Custom Fonts for Function and Identity, RotoVision, 2005
  • Étapes, number 98, Paris, 2003
  • Boing Boing
  • Creative Blog
  • Design Price Switzerland
  • Fast Company
  • It's Nice That
  • Manystuff
  • Swiss Design Awards
  • Trend List

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